Mark Weiss

I’m looking for info on the Kalakuta band- does it tour? Are you one of the leaders?
I’m a concert promoter and artist manager in San Francisco area (I did a Femi Kati show once)
Mark Weiss
Earthwise Productions

Eletha Hamilton

Hi there, Kenneth! Hopefully you will get this message soon... If you have time, please email me with info on how (if) I may get a copy of your debut album DIRECTLY from you. (Will elaborate later... I can't figure out how to do the "Direct Message" thing on Instagram.) Thanks!! ~ Eletha ❇️


I went to your show tonight 6/21 at Berts! You guys are so amazing and I really enjoyed it! I am super interested to find out when the album comes out! I will keep looking on the website for updates. Thank you for blessing my heart with your beautiful music. Thank you so much KG Experience <3


I continue to be delighted by the sounds of KG Experience band performances around the city of Detroit. Kenneth's smooth delivery and nimble manipulation of the trombone never disappoints. Not only does he lead this talented jazz ensemble, but plays regularly with several other musical groups as well. I continue to be impressed by Kenneth's versatility and musicality. Keep it up, Kenny!

Nelson Valentine

Professional, innovative, adroit and exuberant are a few words that describes Kenneth Gill. Always fresh with new ideas that peak the top of his dexterous musicality abilities, KG is one of the best in the industry. Painting the room with warm coats of sound with his trombone as the paintbrush, no ear is left untouched. Mesmerizing and tranquilizing colors of melodies flow from his horn leaving audiences begging for more. I've seen what KG can do on stage and there are no others like him. Fun, astonishing music and a good time is what you'll get when you have the honor of experiencing KG.


I really enjoyed their performance on June 15, 2016 at Cliff Bells.

Crystal Marie

One of the most talented musicians I know!! I LOVE watching Ken perform because he's passionate about his music. He is the horn :-).

Ms. Smith

Your music makes my heart smile! Continue being inspired and inspiring others. Never forget, there is a Reason for every Season.

"Breath of Fresh Air"

Kenneth Gill Sr. and Pauline Gill

We are so very proud of you. You are an inspiration and you are confirmation of what a good person doing good work can achieve.


Ya Bass player is here.... When we hit again?


Good stuff bro!

Nelson Valentine

One of the dopest trombonists, and musicians I know. Keep doing it big!

Corey gault

Proud of you man keep God first and theres no telling how high you will go

Corey gault


Tennille Heard

Hey bro I knew you had it in you to play good music and be the best you could be at it. I have faith in you that you will make it all the way. You have a wonderful sound and a love for the music that should take you far. Keep working hard your gonna be something great and rememberEd for a long time to come. Love you

B. Gill

My brother,

You make good music! I look up to you because of your talent and your drive. Keep making and playing the music that we love so much.


Your Brother B. GILL