Kenneth Gill, also known as KG, is the trombonist and the leader of the music collective known as the KG Experience. He is known for his warm, blue-heavy, melodic, all-encompassing trombone sound. He plays a variety of styles in the musical spectrum, but has his roots firmly planted in the jazz tradition. There is no wonder that he hails from Detroit, a city bursting at its seams with musical talent. Like countless others, he has benefited from the teachings of legendary Detroit musicians and educators such as: Marcus Belgrave, Dr. Teddy Harris, Ernie Rodgers, Edward Quick, and Benjamin Pruitt to name a few. Once at a Howard University Jazz Ensemble rehearsal, while he was studying at the university, the late Detroit jazz trumpet legend Donald Byrd said “That cat has a nice a#* sound!" Like Donald Byrd, people everywhere seem to hold close to the rich tone quality streaming from his horn.

In August of 2015 KG released a digital single entitled Work in the Mornin’ as a teaser for his first official project coming in 2017. That single was written and produced by him as an anthem for average hard working people. It is a contemporary neo-soul based song in which he sings the hook and provides the catchy melodic structure. Still, that song only shows one side of whom and what he is as an artist. The full album will be a musical collage; painting colors on his different musical canvases with different stylistic brushes: jazz, blues, funk, soul, and more.

Most recently he has been in residence with Mike Munford & Detroit Effervescence, Ben’s Friends Jazz Orchestra, Gabriel Brass Band, In the Tradition Jazz Ensemble, Ingenious Band, done freelance work, and of course his own musical collective known as the KG Experience. But, in addition to performing, he works as a music educator. Teaching and mentoring young people has become an important focus for him as well. He continues to pour his musical knowledge, as well as guidance into the youth. He currently teaches band in the public schools, as well as private instruction at the Michigan State University Community Music School. To date, he has held teaching positions in Washington, DC, Virginia, Michigan, and was graduate assistant while working on his Master of Music degree at Kent State University. His dedication to the jazz tradition is undeniable and speaks volumes about his moral fiber.

In a recommendation, Marcus Belgrave once wrote “Kenneth Gill is one of the brightest minds I’ve encountered in a young man of his generation. His focus and determination has brought him many opportunities. I’ve toured and recorded with many of “The Greats", including Max Roach, Charles Mingus, and Ray Charles. My extensive musical background has given me the ability to recognize natural talent and gifted musicians. I am pleased to say that Kenneth Gill is definitely one of those rare jewels." Those words written by the late great jazz master and godfather of the Detroit jazz legacy, offer a powerful glimpse into the significance of KG. Plus, it is a symbolic display of the torch being passed down from the elders to the younger jazz musicians. If you have not had the KG Experience, now is the time!

His credits include: El DeBarge, Les Nubians, Jennifer Holiday, Clark Terry, Grady Tate, Donald Byrd, Jimmy Heath, Larry Ridley, Marcus Belgrave, Gerald Wilson, Gladys Knight, Mutiny, Martha Reeves, Kiara "Kiki" Sheard, Mike Phillips, The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and Frank Foster to name a few.